Another MIDI thing I need: Planeshifter.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on September 23rd, 2013

Another MIDI thing I need:


Planeshifter Wizard and Planeshifter Sorcerer

  • 37 buttons gives 2.5 octaves and most black keys
  • MIDI output
  • USB powered
  • Response Sanwa buttons
  • Sorceror model has a joystick, Wizard has no joystick

This is the first version which is actually usable as an instrument. Like the earlier prototypes this is based on, the design is by Garrett Torrance and is inspired by competitive Street Fighter joysticks. The Wizard model is more compact as it lacks a joystick. The Sorcerer model has a joystick for octave shift, pitch bend, instrument change, and velocity control. The first working Wizard prototype was converted into the first working Sorcerer prototype, so I am currently working on building another Wizard so that I can have a keyboard for each hand. The joystick is nice to have, but the compact size of the Wizard is also desirable. They make a good pair if you’re going to have two keyboards.